Cosmetic Limb Lengthening

Introduction to Cosmetic Stature Lengthening

Stature lengthening is a cosmetic surgical procedure which aims to increase the body height of the patient. This is done by carefully breaking the thigh bone or the shin bone and then gradually lengthen (distract) them. Cosmetic stature lengthening is a constant challenge for the patient, both physical and mental. What takes a few years for the nature to achieve, we do in few months…Read more

Indications for Cosmetic Stature Lengthening

Stature (height) lengthening is indicated for patients with:

Short height as a result of some clinical conditions which are called dysplasias (eg, achondroplasia, hypochondroplasia). The aim in these cases is to increase the height so that the patients are comfortable with… Read more

Height Dysphoria

Height dysphoria or height neurosis is a term that refers to a body image anxiety disorder where the patient is unhappy and distressed because they are short or perceive themselves as short. It is worth noting that this may be irrespective of the actual height. Some cases of height dysphoria are related to cultural and societal norms and expectations while some others are… Read more

Constitutional Short Stature ​

Constitutional short stature is a medical term which refers to short standing height (Stature). But how is “short” medically defined, or, in other words, what constitutes “Short Stature”? Well, it has been agreed by consensus that constitutional short stature is a condition in which the height of an individual is more than 2 standard deviations (SD) below the corresponding mean height…Read more

Methods of Limb Lengthening

Cosmetic stature lengthening is achieved by lengthening the bones, muscles, tendons and nerves of the lower limbs (Thighs or shins or both). Limb lengthening is achieved by applying the principles of Distraction Osteogenesis.At Athens BJR Centre we implement two methods of distraction osteogenesis… Read more

PRECICE-2 Nail for Stature Lengthening

PRECICE Intramedullary Limb Lengthening System is an adjustable intramedullary nail incorporating remote control technology using magnets. The proprietary technology includes a complex internal gear system remotely activated and controlled by permanent magnets… Read more

Ilizarov Frame for Stature Lengthening

Ilizarov frame consists of rings fixed with fine wires and pins into the bone. Ilizarov frames have many clinical applications (Bone defects, infections, non-unions). In the context of stature lengthening the frame consists of four rings fixed with two wires and a half-pin per ring… Read more

Stature Lengthening- Preoperative Planning and Physiotherapy

During preoperative surgical assessment Dr Giotikas will examine you and will review the x-rays to determine which bones will be lengthened and for how much and whether or not soft tissue releases are going to be needed. X-rays include views of your whole legs in two planes, from the front and from the side… Read more

The Surgery of Stature Lengthening

On the day of the surgery the doctor will execute the pre-operative plan accurately and safely. Parameters like the length and thickness of the nail, the level of corticotomy, the need for tendon releases or not, will have been decided and discussed with you… Read more

The Consolidation Phase of Stature Lengthening

When the lengthening of the bone to the planned length has been completed, the newly formed callus (We call it “Regenerate”) needs time to strengthen and to convert to normal bone with satisfactory weight bearing ability. This is called consolidation… Read more

Implant Removal after Stature Lengthening

This phase is more critical to patients who have been treated with external fixator (Ex-fix) systems. Premature removal of the ex-fix in these cases may result in complications and, at the same time, these patients are understandably eager to have their Ex-fix removed as soon as possible… Read more

Cost and Pricing of Cosmetic Limb Lengthening

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