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Dr Dimitrios Giotikas is the founder and director of Athens BJR. His clinical interest is centered to knee surgery, complex trauma and limb reconstruction (including limb lengthening, the management of bone infections and of limb deformities).

He is fully registered, revalidated and licensed to practice Orthopaedics in the United Kingdom and in Greece.​

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Treatments and Conditions

Limb Lengthening

What takes years for the nature to achieve, we do in few months. With an involvement in approximately 100 limb reconstruction cases per year, Dr Dimitrios Giotikas has the expertise to materialize the surgical plan, prevent complications, coach patients through the process, and to intervene promptly and efficiently when needed…

Please check: Restrictions to Cosmetic Limb Lengthening during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Deformity Correction

Limb deformity is a term which refers to the permanent loss of the normal shape of a bone. The bone can be bent, angulated, twisted, shortened or any combination of the above…

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Knee Replacement

If your mobility has significantly reduced and you experience pain even while resting you may benefit from knee replacement surgery. Adults of any age can be considered for a total, medial or patello-femoral knee replacement. Recent advances in technology and anaesthesia secure reliable implant position and fastest recovery with only one night hospital stay…

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